Robert Treat Academy

New Jersey’s 1st Public Charter School

The Robert Treat Academy Charter School (RTA), a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, was founded by The North Ward Center in 1997.

Robert Treat Academy was the first public charter school to open in the state of New Jersey and has grown to be one of the most successful charter schools in the City of Newark and one of the highest performing charter schools in the state.

The school was founded on the underlying belief that urban students if given the same opportunities as their suburban counterparts, would thrive academically.

Today, there are 675 students enrolled in the K-8 program with 96% of the enrollment being black or Hispanic and 73% living at or below the poverty level. Students at Robert Treat Academy typically outperform their counterparts in other public charter schools and traditional public schools in the city.

Robert Treat Academy Charter School
Robert Treat Academy Charter School

Life Beyond The Robert Treat Academy

Graduates of RTA have gone on to attend some of the most prestigious high schools in the country including Deerfield Academy, Hotchkiss, Phillips Exeter Academy, St. Andrews, and The Lawrenceville School. Since 2005, RTA graduates were awarded over $55 million in financial aid and merit scholarships.

Additionally, RTA graduates currently attend or have attended a variety of renowned colleges and universities including Columbia, Cornell, Penn State, Princeton, Rutgers, and Villanova.

In 2009, The North Ward Center opened the Jackie Robinson campus of the Robert Treat Academy in the Central Ward of Newark, adjacent to St. Benedict’s Preparatory School. In the summer of 2016, The North Ward Center purchased this building from St. Benedict’s Prep.

The purchase of this property further demonstrated the commitment of the Center to the City of Newark. For over 45 years, The North Ward Center has been a stabilizing force in the city and this investment in the Central Ward reflects its longstanding commitment to Newark.

For additional information contact Theresa Adubato, Principal at 973-42-8811 or [email protected]

Robert Treat Academy Charter School
Robert Treat Academy Charter School