Meet Buddy!

Say hello to Buddy!

Buddy is our therapy dog in training, currently being trained by Behavior Plus for our clients with autism, senior citizens,  preschoolers, and anyone in need of a support boost! Therapy dogs offer tremendous benefits, such as enhancing socialization, communication, reducing adverse behaviors, and improving overall well-being.

It has always been on our CEO, Michele Adubato’s bucket list to incorporate a therapy dog for individuals with autism. 

She has seen the incredible reactions children have had when interacting with therapy dogs, and she wanted to bring that same sense of acceptance and love to our organization.

Our clients at the Center for Autism and Casa Israel Adult Medical Day program have been enjoying Buddy’s special visits.

He has a way of bringing light and positive energy into any room he enters.

Studies have shown that dogs have a calming effect on people, encourage social interaction, help improve sleep, reduce depression, and enhance moods in older people.


Therapy Dog, The North Ward Center